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What happens if you mix Artificial Intelligence with a Streaming Software?
What you will get is the most intelligent streaming panel out of the market which is going to save you time doing most of the tasks which you want.

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How It's Work

How Tools work?


Zero time of Installation

The Artificial Intelligence is hosted in our servers, so you donĀ“t have waste system and space resources


Receive instant notifications

If our IA finds something unusual in your database or user connections, we instantly are going to send you an email


Start Saving your Valuable Time

Let our IA products solve and avoid any issue related to your Streaming System Servers or with your brand

Tool 1 with AI

CPU Always at 100% ?

Are you using a Streaming Panel from a third party and your Main Server CPU always goes to 100% ? Now you can totally avoid these headaches with our powerful AI tool.

The AI will analyze your server and optimize depending on how is your system streams architecture

Tool 2 with AI

Detect Restreaming / VPN / Hacked Accounts

If want to have full control of user line accounts of your Streaming Service you must have this feature. With our AI technology the bad guys will not escape from our hands, you're going to be instantly notified when a user it's giving a wrong use on their accounts.

If you want, you can add a plus on this feature to also detect any filtered user list on the internet and any news talking about your Streaming Service Brand.
We need SQL Password

Custom Apps

Do you want to have your custom video player android app?

Your users must use an app to play your content and this app can not be a generic one, so we can build you an app with goes with your brand

Play any content

The app has three categories to choose, Channels, VOD and Series

Custom Logo

Choose your best logo for the app

See VOD Trailers

Now you can see the trailers of the uploaded videos on your server

Upload to Play Store

If you need help, we can upload your app into your Google Account


Our Pricing

Detect Restreaming / VPN / Hacked Accounts

20$/ Per Month

  • Receive notifications if anyone is doing restreaming
  • Block and delete hacked or filtered accounts
  • Avoid future problems about your servers
  • Have more control with your lines
Choose Plan

Fix CPU Problem

50$/ One Payment

  • Fix CPU Problem
  • Avoid server interruptions
  • Make your service more stable
Pay now

Custom App

$80 USD/ One Payment

  • Custom app logo
  • Custom backgrounds sections
  • One DNS